To be held at Kragenæs Marina on the island of Lolland, with accommodation in holiday Cabins and camping, all on the same site. The sailing will be in the sheltered sea of Smålandsfarvandet (in English: The Sea of Small Islands), with its many beautiful islands. You can view a video clips (in Danish) from Kragenæs Marina and Lystcamp. Click here!

For inspiration you will find descriptions and pictures from the former International Wayfarer Rally in Kragenæs in 2007 on the WIC homepage Click here!

Arrival on Sunday the 18th of August during the day, and a welcome barbeque in the evening. Last full day of the rally is friday the 23rd of august, with a farewell dinner in the evening, and depature on the 24th of august.


Kragenæs Marina Lystcamp v/Fam. Pedersen
Kragenæsvej 84, Kragenæs, 4943 Torrig Lolland Tlf +4554937056

LON 11° 21‘ 26,0280' x LAT 54°54‘ 52,0200'

Camping and Marina next to the sea - Smålandsfarvandet

Visit the idyllic maritime village of Kragenæs. Here you will be able to see the sunrise and the sunset over the Smålandshavet! The big monument "Dodekalitten" can be seen from the Marina and must be visited!
Cruise by Wayfarer to the apple-islands of Fejø, Femø and Vejrø, or go by the small ferries that leave from the Marina.

The camping marina has top class facilities and free WiFi throughout the campsite. And it’s situation close to the middle of the north coast of the isle of Lolland-Falster means very easy access to all the experiences either by boat or by road.

Sailing in the Smålandsfarvandet

The camping marina of Kragenæs opens onto the Sea of Smålandshavet. Lots of cruising trips are available in the calm waters between the islands and along the coast to other nearby harbours and towns. Trip distances are (NM = Nautical Miles): Vejrø 9 NM, Fejø 4 NM, Lohals 27 NM, Klintholm 50 NM, Femø 7 NM, Karrebæksminde 21 NM, Askø 5 NM.


The rally is limited to a total of 50 participants. Being an International Rally with participants from as many different countries as possible, there is set a quota for each Wayfarer organization. Booking will be on a strictly “first come, first served”. 

Members from USWA, CWA, NEDWA and SWS may register by clicking here!

For booking of UK and Ireland members please apply to Ralph Roberts, 

After confirmation from Ralph, please fill in the Registration form by clicking here!

This page will as well contain information about the rally, and it will be subject to updates. When you have registered for the rally you will be updated from us by mail.

You are always welcome to contact Poul Ammentorp Mail to: about the rally.


We look forward to give you a warm welcome at the International Wayfarer Rally 2019. in Denmark

On behalf of Scandinavian Wayfarer Assosiation SWS

Jesper Nothlev, Jannik Stamp and Poul Ammentorp